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A FRIENDLY PLACE TO STOP From building a tent trailer crank, to booking dentist appointments, the Visitor Information Centre in Medicine Hat is always a friendly place to stop at.

The Visitor Information Centre is open year-round! We are located just off the Trans-Can ada Highway at 330 Gehring Road SW . Call us at 403.527.6422 Our services: • Our sanidump is open all year, “Before I left, she gave me a big hug, and she and her son took off to Ontario that Friday. She was really happy; she was almost in tears over the phone when I told her my friend could make one for her,” she says. A woman was traveling alone with her son when the crank on her tent trailer broke. She endlessly called mechanic shops in Medicine Hat to find a replace ment but eventually came to a loss. With plans to drive from British Columbia to Ontario, she stopped at the Medicine Hat Visitor Information Centre for help, in hopes she and her son could continue their road trip. Sunshine ambassador Kerri called people she knew in the industry to find a crank in stock, but when her friend at Four Seasons said there wasn’t any, he offered to build one after his work day. Friday morning, Kerri drove to the visitor’s hotel to drop off the newly-built crank.

• The Visitor Information Centre is home to a water fill station, which is free for all who stop by during business hours. • The Visitor Information Centre has shelves full of Medicine Hat memorabilia, including Medalta Pottery, Edison Flat Collection, and so much more! • We have a fenced, off-leash dog run. Please be courteous and clean up after your animals. • A large playground and picnic area is available for use when stopping. “He was extremely thankful,” says Mo. “I think we’ve all been somewhere without cell phone service in a different City or town and needed help, and I had the resources to help them.” Overnight parking at the Visitor Information Centre is not offered. Mo was working when a man came in and asked for dentist offices in the City. His wife was in agonizing pain and needed a tooth pulled, but they were traveling from America and didn’t have cell phone service. Mo called offices around the City and found an opening to book an appoint ment. The couple came back a few hours later and the man said his wife was passed out in the car from getting the tooth pulled.

• Our public washrooms are open during business hours. • The Visitor Information Centre is staffed by our travel counsellors during business hours. They are happy to assist with any questions you may have during your travels and/or stay. • Free maps and Experience Guides are printed yearly and offered at the Visitor Information Centre. Printed materials for many Alberta cities are also available. • If you’re arriving after hours, take a Tourism Medicine Hat bag from the front of the building. They have guides and maps. possible,” says Sandra. “I always want to go above and beyond, because it makes a huge impact on them, and it makes an impact on me — I remember those interactions, and it makes me feel good at the end of the day.” The motivation to go above and beyond lives in each person who works at the Visitor Information Centre. When a woman couldn’t find her hotel, sunshine ambassador Sandra jumped in her vehicle to lead the way. When they arrived at the woman’s accommoda tions, the embarrassment, anxiety, and frustration quickly left her body and she thanked Sandra with a big hug. “I’ve had strangers help me in situations where I’ve never expected it, and I feel like paying it forward in any way

24/7, and is free! Please no commercial dumping at the Visitor Information Centre.

Note: the water is turned off before the first freeze of the year. Call us for more information!

Visit Medicine Hat’s breweries and coffee shops on the Medicine Hat Breweries Tour and Indy Coffee Tour . Pick up is at the Visitor Information Centre (330 Gehring Rd. SW). Transportation, drinks, and snacks are included with ticket purchases through tixx.ca ! 94



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