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know where one’s going. A pocket of rolling hills and lush greenery, once you drive off the prairie lands you reach a tree-filled place full of adventure. “There’s beautiful parkland and forest, and you come into this beau tiful oasis from the prairie grass lands. If you’re a nature nut, it’s a great place to be,” she says. “It’s a great place to connect with family.” A beach with a lake for swimming, and the little nook, 12-34 Cafe, for deli cious small and large bites, there are endless ways to spend time together in Elkwater. The size offers a sense of safety for the parents of two, “you know the boys are in a space they can wander and explore, but they aren’t going to go too far or off the path.” “It’s such a beautiful place. We definitely want to go in the winter for cross-country skiing as well.”

A familiar visit to the oasis, Diduch, her husband, and two sons are always excited to return to the Southeast Alberta getaway. Throughout the camping trip, rods were packed to go fishing, while they soaked in the early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets. Many rounds of mini golf were played, a favourite activity of the boys. And with their campsite neighbouring the pump track, biking is always a major highlight. “It’s nice to be in that natural environment and be connected to the land while you’re there. You feel you’re in the middle of nowhere, in this forested area surrounded by the hills. We’ve definitely made some great memories as a family in Elkwater, and it’s somewhere we’ve chosen to go,” says Diduch. The forested trails that can be hiked or biked are laid out where all the networks and signs make it easy to

Aleasha Diduch and her family adventured to Medicine Hat, and then Elkwater in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in August 2023.


91 Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park


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