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Day Trip Destinations

Red Rock Coulee 56 kilometers / 35 miles

The many large, red boulders in Red Rock Coulee were formed in prehistoric seas — layers of sand calcite and iron oxide collected around a nucleus, formed by shells, leaves, or bones. These concretions grew larger as the circulating waters deposited more layers. At up to 2.5 metres in diameter, they are among the largest in the world. Along with the exposed rocks, you will also find prairie inhabitants such as deer, coyotes, rabbits, rattlesnakes, and nighthawks. To reach Red Rock Coulee, drive southwest from Medicine Hat on Highway 3. Just before the village of Seven Persons you will turn south on Highway 887, a secondary highway to Manyberries. Continue south on Highway 887 until you reach Red Rock Coulee, which is open year-round. Something to note: Being a natural area, this park does not have bathrooms or garbage disposal.


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