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Great Bigs

Great Big Paddle A large waterway in a prairie city calls for an event like the Great Big Paddle. The South Saskatchewan River invites the relaxed and friendly float to begin in Echo Dale Regional Park, where giant cliffs and red rock lead the way. After a few hours of stunning scenery, Strathcona Island Park pulls the group in to finish the float. “When you’re on the river, you get a view that’s totally different from land. It’s a very unique viewpoint. You see wildlife and vivid red cliffs. The face in the rocks has been there for many, many moons — and once people know about it, they look for it everytime they float the river,” says Tara Goddu, a four-year Medicine Hat Paddle Club member. @medicinehatpaddleclub

Great Big Pedal Director and event coordinator of Bike Medicine Hat Shelley Acheson says Medicine Hat’s largest cycling event Great Big Pedal will again invite community members and visitors to pump their tires, clip their helmets, and meet at Kin Coulee Park to bike the scenic pathways in 2024. “The trails are so diverse with the creek and river, hillside coulees, and all the different wildlife you see. You’re immersed in so much nature, where you really feel you’re away from the city,” says Acheson. @bikemedicinehat


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