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The coulees and ridges surrounding Medicine Hat offer beautiful views of the South Saskatchewan River surrounding natural areas filled with trees, woodlands, and wildlife. Find the 17 best views in Canada’s Sunniest City. Whether you stroll, bike, or drive to your desired location, the gentle charm of the native grasslands, rolling hills, and riparian areas invite you to indulge in activities like bird watching, photography, or simply being in the moment to just breathe. Along with maps and signage, Scenic Views has web based guides highlighting special features of each spot, where you learn more about the value and economic benefits of maintaining natural areas within the City. McCutcheon At this Scenic View, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the large trees in the Riverside community and down town Medicine Hat. In the distance, you’ll see the roll Scenic Views ing hills in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Local Tip: Start your bike ride on McCutcheon Trail to fully experience this view. Scholten Hill This spot showcases a panoramic view of Medalta in the Historic Clay District and I-XL Industries Brick Plant. Many historic facts on the nearby WWII German Prisoner of War camp are detailed within the Med

Ross Creek Coulee This native grassland area gives you views of endless coulees while you walk or bike the lengthy trails. This open space views the CP Railway mainline, where you can often spot long trains traveling through the prairies. Local Tip: Plan a stroll on Ross Creek Coulee Trail to find this view. Scenic Views Project Scenic Views is a partnership between the Society of Grasslands Naturalists, the City of Medicine Hat, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, and Tourism Medicine Hat. The Scenic Views map and locations are available at: grasslands-naturalists.org While exploring the Scenic Views, you can relish in the beauty and fresh air, reminding yourself that as long as you take care of our environment, it will be here for you to enjoy. Ways you can be a sustainable explorer: Leave no trash by properly disposing of items in the garbage or recycling bins. Consider bringing a trash bag with you to help clean up along the way. Bags for pet waste are also important when keep ing natural areas clean and smelling fresh. This also prevents attracting wild animals, like coyotes. Keep nature healthy by staying on designated trails to minimize disturbances and soil erosion, which causes the establishment and spread of invasive weeds and lost biodiversity.

icine Hat Exhibition & Stampede grounds. Local Tip: After or before a game of disc golf at Leinweber Park, check out this view. Saratoga Park

Within Saratoga Park is a paved multi-use trail that has many other trails attached to it, leading you through a nature-filled adventure near Seven Persons Creek, Ogilvie Flour Mill, and through the Métis settlement that once thrived in this area.

Scan to visit the official site of the Grasslands Naturalists grasslands-naturalists.org/scenic-views

Local Tip: Read the Métis Community in Saratoga Park plaque to learn about the Indigenous history the space holds, while finding this view.

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