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Devonian Trail This paved trail features the South Saskatchewan River, Historic Finlay Bridge, and Historic Railway Bridge. If you find yourself in Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown, this trail is only a few blocks away. A start ing point could be behind the Medicine Hat Public Library. Local Tip: Stop by the World’s Largest Chess Set and GIANT King Piece before heading onto this trail!

Echo Dale Regional Park This beautiful park invites you in with a sunshine glow and the most breathtaking view of coulees and bluffs. This park has paved, unpaved, and mountain biking trails. Read everything you need to know about this park on pages 30 & 31. Local Tip: Stop at Homestead Market Inc. for a coffee and a treat on your way in or out of the park!

TransCanada Trail This trail is a part of the Trans Canada Trail in Canada. The entire length is 27,000 kilometres and connects the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans. The TransCanada Trail in Medicine Hat passes many great spots in the City. For a leisure stroll or bike ride, you can start this trail in two spots. Strathcona Island Park: A trail that features playgrounds, wildlife, and up-close views of the South Saskatchewan River. Deer often roam and relax with their families in this space, so be sure to keep any four-legged pets on a leash. The Strathcona Island Park Pavilion lists the individuals who played a crucial role in making the trail happen. Riverside: Connected to Police Point West Trail, become encompassed in trees, leaves, and feel the warmth of the shaded sunlight while you explore this tunnel of nature. In the open peeks, you’ll have a shiny view of City Hall, and if you look up at Finlay Bridge, you’ll be enlightened to know the truss bridge was built in 1908. Local Tip: Rent a bike from Gravity Sports to explore these trails!

McCutcheon Trail Atop a northside coulee in the neigh bourhood of Crescent Heights, there is a trail that brings panoramic views of Medicine Hat — its Historic Downtown and the other natural scenes in the City. In the far dis tance, you will see the rolling hills in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Local Tip: Stop by one of Medicine Hat’s newest coffee shops, MT Nest for a drink and freshly-baked snack!

Cactus in the City Often spotted along the trails, Plains Prickly Pear is the biggest and most common cactus in Medicine Hat, Pincushion is the smallest of the three, resembling a pincushion, and Brittle Prickly Pear, thumb-like shape, is the most fragile. All bloom yellow, pink, and orange flowers.


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