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Strathcona Island Park In canada’s sunniest city, a waterpark is bound to keep everyone cool during those hot summer days. This park has playgrounds, firepits, and picnic tables. There is a paved trail along the South Saskatchewan River, and the park is very close to Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown. A bite to eat and sweet dessert aren’t too far away.

Disc Golf This family-friendly sport has nets in three parks, Kiwanis Central Park, Gilwell Park, and Leinweber Park. Leinweber Park and Gilwell Park are connected to a trail that brings you to a beautiful view of South Railway Street and Strathcona Island Park. Kiwanis Central Park has a playground with a whale slide, features four of Marina Cole’s wood carvings, and is close to seasonal ice cream shop, Swirls.

Winter: Snowshoeing and crokicurl are family loved activities at this park when the snow falls!

Winter: Disc golf can be played, and is by many locals, on a warmer winter’s day!

World’s Largest Chess Set and GIANT King Piece

Friends and families of all ages are invited to bask underneath the sun and enjoy a game of chess, while hearing the sounds of the South Saskatchewan River behind them. Bill Taylor is the visionary of the popular space, which has been in Medicine Hat since August 2005. He worked with expert woodworker Adam Szulski for several years to design a 21-foot-tall, over 4,000 pound, GIANT King Piece and installed it beside the Chess Set on Nov. 4, 2021. “I think these are in a very idyllic oasis in the centre of the city. There’s trees and grass nearby and historic buildings around it,” says Taylor. “Standing on the sidewalk looking towards the river, you can see the historic spires of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. It really is a beautiful, picturesque location.” Gas City Campground Looking to spend the weekend in Medicine Hat? Gas City Campground has tons of family activities. There’s a playground in the centre of the campground, an off-leash dog park is nearby, and you can walk around the campground to see all of Marina Cole’s wood carvings — you and the family can track down wood-carved animal tracks with Cole’s scavenger hunt. Hoopla’s Family Entertainment Centre has mini golf and is just down the road — it comes with a beautiful view. Looking for a cabin experience? Check out the newly-built comfort cabins in the campground. Winter: The campground is closed for the season, but the dog park is open!

Downtown Stories Downtown Stories celebrates our past and present, as well as the spirit of community connection. Explore downtown to find a QR code, and then you and your family are ready to experience all the historic stories told by the locals. Throw on a sun hat and sunscreen, and delve into what’s made Medicine Hat what it is today while looking at each building with your own eyes. Winter: On a warm winter's day, this is a beautiful walk with the family!

Scan the QR code to view Downtown Stories for a virtual tour of Medicine Hat’s historic spots!


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