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World’s Largest Chess Set and GIANT King Piece

Friends and families of all ages are invited to bask underneath the sun and enjoy a game of chess, while hearing the sounds of the South Saskatch ewan River behind them. Bill Taylor is the visionary of the popular space, which has been in Medicine Hat since August 2005. He worked with expert woodworker Adam Szulski for several years to design a 21-foot-tall, over 4,000 pound, GIANT King Piece and installed it beside the Chess Set on Nov. 4, 2021. “I think these are in a very idyllic oasis in the centre of the City. There’s trees and grass nearby and historic buildings around it,” says Taylor. “Standing on the sidewalk looking towards the river, you can see the historic spires of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church. It really is a beautiful, picturesque location.”

Windmill Garden Centre and Butterfly House This tropical paradise has hundreds of butterflies fluttering before your eyes. Relax on the deck and read about the life cycle and habits of the beautiful insects, stroll on the walkway and observe the red-eared turtles sunning themselves on the bank of the pond, and listen to the sounds of waterfalls and birds singing in the background.




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