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Medicine Hat Courthouse

HISTORIC DOWNTOWN TOUR 3 Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church

Many buildings in Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown were constructed, brick by brick, in the early 1900s. Most still stand with modern decor and small shops inside. Take a deep-dive into Medicine Hat's history, and into some of the most prominent buildings in the City. 1 Medicine Hat Courthouse When built from 1919-1920, it was the first of its kind design wise, with a Beaux-Arts Classicism style. The building was designated a Provincial Historic Resource in 1978 and added to the Canadian Register of Historic Places in 2006. 2 St. John’s Presbyterian Church St. John’s Presbyterian Church was the first church building in downtown Medicine Hat and also served as the first school house. The church standing today was officially opened in September 1902, after a woman named Mrs. Blatchford proposed the construction of a new church that could better represent a growing congregation.

Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church was officially desig nated a Municipal Historical Site in 2019. It was originally built in 1913, but following a tragic fire it had been rebuilt in 1931. The church continues to serve the religious and community needs in Medicine Hat today. 4 St. Barnabas Anglican Church St. Barnabas Anglican Church was constructed in 1912. The church cost $26,000, plus $775 in architect fees. It was made with brick and Bedford stone, and laid out east and west in relation to the sunrise on St. Barnabas Day (a few degrees different). 5 Hull Block At 17-years-old, William Roper Hull moved to Canada from England to work on a relative’s farm. He built buildings across Alberta, including downtown Medicine Hat’s largest building, Hull Block. Currently inside, you’ll find a cozy and artistic coffee shop, The Copper Leaf Café , along with other profes sional business spaces.




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