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11 Vincent Van Gogh

A third mural was added to Station Coffee Company in 2023,

by Saskatchewan-based artist Andrew Robertson. This is his first large scale mural, and he used a grid tool to transfer

it from his drawing to the wall. 12 Compass Building Mural

A trio of artists from Calgary, Alberta, Alex, Rhyse, and Lily,

brought together their styles to complete this painting. This piece is the first large scale mural the three have collaborated on. Lily is a potter and also enjoyed seeing Medalta in the Historic Clay District during her visit.

13 Tunnel Vision

South Railway St. Side — A sunset with a Meadowlark bird in the forefront. This is a common moment residents see while out on the trails during sunset. The Meadowlark flies to Medicine Hat every year, and they repetitively sing a very unique melody. This vibrant piece is a combined effort by Will Oskam, Jeff Goring, and California-based FASM Creative. 14 Botanicals Painted by local artist Christy Vince, Paintergirl, on the outside of the local shop Botanicals, this mural is inspired by the blossoming plants that live inside the local business. It's the perfect backdrop to any photo that radiates sunshine and warm weather, located on North Railway Street.


57 Historic Downtown


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