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5 Hope and A Future Bright, in both imagery and message, this mural by local artist Jeff Goring is an unavoidable message of pos itivity and optimism. Found on the southwest wall of The Hat’s Olive Tap, this welcoming message greets everyone and reminds us there is indeed hope and a future for all. 6 Indigenous Woman artwork to life. While the majority of the mural is spray painted, the trees in the background were done with a house paint roller. 7 The Yard Patio & Eatery bubbles on a hot summer day was painted by local artist Christina Carry. Admire the art and try a dish from the newly-launched menu, while sipping a local, craft beverage. 8 Exposure Edmonton-based artist Josh Creighton explores the dimensions between composition and complementary colour configurations. He was also a part of the world’s tallest mural painted in Calgary, Alberta. Two tattoo artists from Calgary worked together to bring this This family-friendly seasonal patio’s energetic murals add personality to the outdoor eatery. The main feature mural of a woman blowing

9 Swan

10 G rowing Hope in Our Community

A delicate, abstract mural with soft colour transitions. Painted by

The Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society and Station Coffee Company teamed up to promote a feeling of hope with this mural by Sarah Slaughter Art. “Growing Hope in Our Community” is a positive message designed as a reminder that no one should have to endure family violence, and there are those who can help.

Canadian painter and internationally acclaimed graffiti artist, Alexander Bacon, this mural took a day and a half to complete. It was painted in July 2022 and photos of the mural have already been shared in Europe, Taiwan, Hun gary, and other countries and cities around the world.

56 Historic Downtown

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