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10 Growing Hope in Our Community The Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society and Station Coffee Company teamed up to promote a feeling of hope with this mural by Sarah Slaugh ter Art. “Growing Hope in Our Community” is a positive message designed as a reminder that no one should have to endure family violence, and there are those who can help. 11 Swan A delicate, abstract mural speaks to the artist's style of soft colour transitions. It has a golden glow that beams outward, enlightening the downtown area. Painted by Canadian painter and internationally acclaimed graffiti artist, Alexander Bacon, this mural took a day and a half to complete. It was painted in July 2022 and photos of the mural have already been shared in Europe, Taiwan, Hungary, and other countries

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and cities around the world. 12 Vehicle Underpass

Mere minutes from the Riverside Veterans’ Memorial Park, this bright, colourful mural was led by street artists Doktoer and Jesse Gouchey as an homage to missing and murdered Indigenous women. This mural is a reminder that all life has value, and we must not turn a blind eye to injustice.

13 Tunnel Vision

South Railway St. Side — A sunset with a Meadowlark bird in the forefront. This is a common moment residents see while out on the trails during sunset. The Meadowlark flies to Medicine Hat every year, and they repetitively sing a very unique melody, which is especially beautiful during a calm evening outdoors. This vibrant piece is a combined effort by Will Oskam, Jeff Goring, and California-based FASM Creative. North Railway St. Side — A combination of geometric shapes, intersecting straight lines, and circles, with blues, greens, and greys, is reminis cent of the City’s iconic Assiniboia Hotel sign, which can be seen in this mural’s background. 14 Botanicals Painted on the outside of its building, this mural is inspired by the blossoming plants that live inside the local business, Botanicals . Local artist Christy Vince, Paintergirl, has a lively style. It’s the perfect backdrop to any photo that radiates sunshine and warm weather.





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