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An asphalt pump track opened in 2023 beside Gas City Campground, across the street from WestVue Dog Park. The paved course has two tracks—one for youth and beginners and the other for advanced skill sets. The circuits are designed to be ridden completely by “pumping”, moving up and down to generate momentum. Because the space is paved, anything with wheels can use the pump track: bikes, scooters, skateboards, wheelchairs, rollerblades, and roller skates. Local Tip: Book a campsite in either Echo Dale Regional Park or Gas City Campground and ride right from your campsite!

Redcliff Just before you enter Medicine Hat coming south on the Trans-Canada Highway, you’ll stop in the Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies, Redcliff. This area was the first in the region to develop mountain bike trails. Narrow, technical cross-country riding meets badlands views and exposure, leading to an adventure only found in this unique ‘prairie’ landscape. If you’re looking for a full on meal, there are locally-owned eateries, like Sizzling House Restaurant, Redcliff Bakery, and A1 Pizza. Book a spot in Redcliff Municipal Campground, and ride right from your campsite.

Local Tip: There are over five greenhouses to visit and pick up fresh, crisp veggies, and some even have freshly prepared salsas and other condiments!

The mountain bike trails in Redcliff bring beautiful views of coulees, red rock, and the South Saskatch ewan River. Nature and wildlife are always nearby. Cactus natu rally grows alongside the trails and deer often roam the area.

Level Up Your Skills Sharpe MTB Skills and Hidden Gem Cycling , Two mountain bike businesses offer coaching and courses in Medicine Hat. Hiddengemcycling.com | 403.928.5230 Sharpmtbskills.com | 403.467.7404


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