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Police Point Park Visitors can experience the natural beauty of the old cottonwood trees, silver sagebrush, and the new pollinator garden. Visit the Nature Centre to learn more. McCutcheon At this Scenic View, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the large trees in the Riverside community

The large coulees and ridges surrounding Medicine Hat offer clear, beautiful views of the South Saskatchewan River and surrounding natural areas filled with trees, intriguing woodlands, and interesting wildlife. Scenic Views is a new resource that helps explorers find 17 of the best views in Canada’s Sunniest City. Whether you stroll, bike, or drive to your desired location, the gentle charm of the native grasslands, rolling hills, and riparian areas invite you to indulge in favoured activities like bird watching, photography, or simply being in the moment to just breathe. Along with maps and signage, Scenic Views has web-based guides highlighting special features of each spot, where you learn more about the value and economic benefits of maintaining natural areas within the City. With this informa tion, you can be more aware of nature around you while you adventure.

and downtown Medicine Hat. In the distance

you’ll see the rolling hills in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.

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