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Lions Park A classic picnic park with grassy,

tree-covered areas, a ballpark, and a playground. This park has fantastic views of the South Saskatchewan River and Police Point Park. Nearby is the

Strathcona Centre, which offers swimming and pickleball courts.

Minto Avenue & 2 St. SE Kin Coulee Park

With 100 acres of open space for outdoor activities, Kin Coulee Park is Medicine Hat’s most popular picnic area. Surrounded by coulees and bluffs, you’ll find playgrounds, fire pits, beach volleyball courts, ball diamonds, and an impressive skateboard park. In the winter, the toboggan hill is popular, and the large fire pit provides warmth. 104 South Kin Coulee Rd. SE

Strathcona Island Park This large park located along the South Saskatchewan River has a playground and waterpark, along with many kilometres of tree-lined, paved trails. There are picnic areas to have a fire and a boat launch to experience the river up close. You can easily bike to Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown to make it a full day adventure. 210 5 St. SE Kiwanis Central Park

Located on the Southeast Hill in a quaint neighbourhood, Kiwanis Central Park has a playground, nature playground, and waterpark. The City-favoured whale slide, Moby Dick, has sat there since the 1960s and was recently updated to ensure safe play. Four of Marina Cole’s wood carvings can be found on page 36. Nine disc golf nets are set up around the park for a friendly-game. In the winter, check out the ice rink surrounded by tall, snow-kissed trees. 200 11 St. SE Leinweber Park Along with tall trees that shade the sunshine, nine disc golf baskets can be found at Leinweber Park. This park is conve niently located near Gilwell Park, turning the nine-basket disc golf course into an 18-basket course. Lay down a blanket, pack a picnic, bring some activities, and enjoy the open field with a view. A beautiful pond sits in the summer and is turned into a skating rink in the winter. 2293 Crestwood Dr. SE Ross Glen Water Park This waterpark is full of fun features, like a giant bucket that fills with water and pours over those who stand underneath it. There is a large green space to lay a blanket and bask in the sunshine and have a picnic. This park is located in a family-ori entated neighbourhood near the south side of the City close to hotels, restaurants, and shopping. 150 Ross Glen Rd. SE





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