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Hard-working hands, eager minds, and persistent community members were instrumental in transforming Medalta into the National Historic Site it is today. Originally established as a bustling factory, Medalta's journey has been marked by resilience and community spirit, particularly since its revitalization as a non-profit organization. Medalta withstood many misfortunes during its rebirth, including two fires and a flood, but there was always a group of passionate people there to pick up and rebuild the broken pieces. In the early 1900s, Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District distributed one-third of all clay in Canada. Medalta is a prominent part of the city's culture, creativity, and economy, with human stories hidden in every brick, every piece of machinery, and every piece of Medicine

The entire campus is the result of a dedicated resto ration effort supported by the local community and all three levels of government. The result is a stunning context for dynamic experiences inside a National Historic Site. Hat-made pottery found today. The century-old factory is now home to an industrial museum, contemporary ceramic arts facility, art gallery, and community hub. Throughout its history, Medalta has transitioned from a thriving ceramics factory to a symbol of resilience and heritage, thanks to the efforts of The Friends of Medalta Society that breathed new life into its historic walls. Today, Medalta stands not only as a testament to the city's industrial past but also as a center for creative expression and community engagement. medalta.org | 403.529.1070 | 713 Medalta Ave. SE


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