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On the calendar, the first official day of summer is June 21, with the season ending in late Septem ber. But in Medicine Hat, summer begins once the snow melts and the weather temperature is officially in the positives. With one of the longest golf, mountain bike, and river float seasons, which can start as early as March and last until late October, Medicine Hat summers are when we collectively endure the hot days, so we experience as much as we can. In these eight months, from March to October, during outdoor events, celebrations, festivals, and life-changing moments are when we create the most unforget table memories. Our hearts are warm, we’re inspired to explore, and we just might see a late-night sunset or two.


“The wildlife and the trails make you feel you’ve escaped the City even though you’re in the heart of it.” — Teanna Church,

In a City that averages 330 days of sunshine every year, summer begins when the bike tires feel the bumps and ridges of a beautiful pathway, the kayak can softly float on the river water, a stroll outdoors brings a warm feeling of gratitude, golf clubs are swung through the air, hitting a ball across a green grass field, the sounds of a cheering baseball crowd echoes throughout the coulees, and when freshly -scooped ice cream melts as we indulge in each bite underneath the sun.

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