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Saamis Archaeological Site

Stories Behind the Land

Explore Medicine Hat’s Indigenous history with this self-guided tour, made by The Miywasin Friendship Centre and partners. Police Point Park Areas like Police Point Park would have offered sheltered camping with an abundance of firewood available for First Nations. The Park was a safe crossing place for the South Saskatchewan River and is home to many differ ent plants, such as chokecherry bushes and buffalo ber ries. These fruits have been harvested by First Nations for many years. Police Point Park has an important, sacred history — during the winter, an ice-free section of the river was referred to as a breathing hole for the water spirits, and the distinctive cottonwood trees had ceremo nial uses. Anecdotal sources said that Police Point Park was also used historically as a location for tree burials. The Old Man Buffalo Stone, made by stone sculpture artist Stewart Steinhauer, can be found while walking through the Park. Inspired by the Manitou Stone, this two-sided sculpture was crafted to be a guardian watching over the buffalo herds.

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