2020 Experience Medicine Hat Guide

Cycling Medicine Hat is home to some incredible paved and singletrack trails, with incredible weather to go with them. Whether you are looking to explore the city by bike, hit the road for a 60km+ ride or jump on some single track to get your blood flowing, we have the terrain and infrastructure tomake all that happen regionally and in the city. Come discover it for yourself! If you’re a mountain biker looking for a fantastic variety of uncrowded, mixed terrain trails then it’s time you visit- ed Southeast Alberta. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park has roughly 50 km of trails, through lodgepole pine & aspen forests. A stop in Redcliff will give you some semi arid badlands single track.

Add in the continually growing paved and single track trail system in Medicine Hat, and you will have countless km’s to enjoy. Mr Burnside is the trail connect- ing Medicine Hat’s paved trails to Redcliff’s single track. Riding the gentle edge of the South Saskatchewan River’s northern slope, Mr. Burnside is a short green run that connects to Redcliff’s rugged terrain and series of blue and black runs. Don’t get complacent though, you’re still in the Canadian badlands! Cactus can be found off the trail and the foreshadowing of what’s to come in the way of rock fea- tures are fun ways to warmup and are eas- ily by-passed should the rest of your party not be as keen. It’s a wide, flowing trail that

runs in both directions so even if Redcliff isn’t the ultimate destination, there’s plenty of room for a quick there-and-back. Round-trip is about 11 km, making it an easy way to get a quick ride in. Heritage Trail Network Map With over 115kmof trails we are a city that enjoys getting outside for a bike

ride or walk. You can pick up a Heritage Trail Network map at the Visitor Information Centre, City Hall, Medicine Hat Mall, as well as many of our hotels and recreation facilities.


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