2020 Experience Medicine Hat Guide


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Spruce Coulee Trail

Rodeo Loop


Highline Loop


Camping Area Backcountry Hut Gate




Bull Trail

Reesor Lake Road


Murray Hill Road




B4 B5



Spring Creek Trail System


Equestrian Camping


Murray Hill Trail




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Equestrian Use Ride along winding trails through mature forest or through stirrup high grasses while taking in the astound- ing vistas and sweeping views of the surrounding plains or the Sweetgrass Hills of Montana far to the south. General Information ∙ Horse use is permitted in all areas of the park with the exception of the areas around the Elkwater town- stie, and within the Spruce Coulee, Reesor Lake, and Battle Creek Campgrounds as shown in grey on the map and by signs in the field . ∙ Remember that all equestrian use trails are also multi-use. You may encounter hikers and mountain bikers on the trails throughout the park. ∙ If you bring a pet along please

ensure that it is kept on a leash at all times while you are in the park, including at the campground. ∙ Cattle grazing occurs through- out the park. Ensure that gates are closed immediately behind you and DO NOT chase or harass cattle or wildlife while riding. ∙ Cobblestone is present in most areas of the park. You may prefer to have your horses shod before riding here. ∙ Contact your local veterinarian to inquire about recommended vacci- nations. You should also bring insect repellent for you and your animals. ∙ Open fires are not permitted except in facilities provided. Be extremely cau- tious with cigarettes while on the trail. ∙ When around water, stay on hard ground surfaces to pre- vent bank erosion. ∙ Permission must be obtained from adjacent landowners to ride on lands surrounding the park.

To US Border

Equestrian Camping A small rustic camping facility is avail- able for overnight camping (reserva- tion only) with corrals included. With stunning views to the south, this area provides room for several camping units, group fire pits, picnic tables, and corrals. Water is available for horses. There is no power or other services on site. Campers using the area should be self-contained with their own water. Manure must be cleaned from the corrals and the campsite area and placed in the provided bins. Do not clean out trailers while on site. If possible, pack manure out. Pack out all of your gar- bage and leave your campsite clean.


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