2020 Experience Medicine Hat Guide

Miywasin Story Tour at the Saamis Tepee Site

Miywasin Story Tour Experience Medicine Hat’s

What’s Included: » Transportation pick up & drop off fromdowntown Medicine Hat » Guided tour of Saamis Tepee, Saamis Archaeological Site, and what was the Métis Community in Saratoga Park » Explore the Saamis Tepee site on your own » Participate in preparing bannock and other traditional food » Gather together and share in the cel- ebration of our Indigenous cultures. Special group packages/rates avail- able upon request. Additional trans- portation can be provided for a fee. TO BOOK call 1.800.481.2822 Tours@TourismMedicineHat.com

Métis Community in Saratoga Park The original Métis community in Medicine Hat is now part of the trail system, and is lush with chokecherries. Walk with us as we share the land and tell its stories. Miywasin Friendship Centre Join in a hands-on, elder lead cook- ing experience of delicious tradi- tional foods such as Bannock with chokecherry jam, a cultural icon. Intimate conversation guaranteed. Pro Tip: Come 15minutes before the tour andmeet the crew at Madhatter Roastery!

Indigenous history through our local guide’s eyes. An integral part of the preservation and expression of culture in indigenous communities

woven with social and political commentary.

Saamis Tepee Our story begins at the Saamis Tepee. The hand-painted illustrated story- boards represent a variety of influenc- es and history of Indigenous heritage. Listen as they are interpreted through your local guides experiences. Saamis Archaeological Site Below the Saamis Tepee, in scenic Seven Persons coulee, lays one of the Northern Plains archaeological sites - the Saamis Archaeological Site. Take time to explore and photograph this area – it boasts one of the foremost important archae- ological sites of the Northern Plains.



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