2020 Experience Medicine Hat Guide

Sunshine Trolley Stop

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Medalta in the Historic Clay District @medalta @medalta @medalta medalta.org 403.529.1070 713 Medalta Ave SE

change. Our entire campus is the result of a dedicated restoration effort sup- ported by the local community and all three levels of government. The result is a stunning context for dynamic experi- ences. Medalta is a venue for community economic development, educational programming, artistic expression and practice, and heritage preservation. Medalta runs a social enterprise business, Plainsman Clays, whichmanufactures and distributes clay and clay products throughout Canada and into the US.

Our education program is a leader in delivering experienced based, hands- on learning opportunities for everyone, frompreschoolers to adults fromevery walk of life. Chances are, as you tour the museum you will encounter a group of children figuring out gear ratios in the Old Factory, or making archaeological videos. Our Artist in Residence program attracts artists from around the world to Medicine Hat in order to conduct engaging re- search in proximal learning environments. Resident artists live in the Historic Clay District at our BMO Artist Lodge, teach in our Education program and sum- mer camps, as well as contribute to the Exhibition programming in the Yuill Gallery.

Imagine a place where you can breathe in traces of our industrial heritage, learn through hands-on activities, be inspired by artistic expression, and experience the heart of community in Medicine Hat. Medalta in the Historic Clay District is that place. Medalta is a National Historic Site that has been converted into an indus- trial heritagemuseum. Far from a static museum, Medalta is a dynamic space that activates community and inspires


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